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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a violent confrontation outside at&t park next. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> armed robbers storm a jewelry store shooting an employee. tonight, we are hearing from the store manager who fired back. >> joe vasquez is standing by in santa rosa with the latest. joe? >> reporter: ken, this shoot- out happened in the early afternoon around 1:40 this afternoon. inside this small jewelry store. the bennett valley jewelers. it was the robbers who got the worst of it. witnesses say the two men wearing masks moved quickly into the store. within seconds the first barrage of gunfire. an employee was hit. so were both suspects. >> the first guy came out and was wobbling and he got into his mustang. a red mustang. and then, more shots fired and the other guy came out shortly after and collapsed right there
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in the street. >> police arrived and took the severely wounded suspect into custody and then paramedics rushed him to the hospital. about a quarter mile away, chopper 5 over the scene of the shopping center where they recovered the get away car. neighbors were ordered to shelter in place. stay inside while officers and their dogs went door to door looking for the suspect who got away. that search was later suspended. >> i'm just glad i was here today. >> reporter: ty, the store manager fired at the gunman. >> i can't talk about what happened today. but my main concern goes out to my employee suzanne. she is doing fine. and, uh, i just want to say thank you to the community. >> reporter: he says the employee who was shot in the arm is expected to survive. >> a huge amount of concern goes to suzanne. if she is seeing this, we love you, and, sorry you had to go
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through this today. >> reporter: the suspect who got away is believed to be wounded. as for the suspect in the hospital, police say he is in life threatening condition. reporting live in santa rosa, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> believe it or not, this same jewelry store was the scene of another armed robbery almost a year ago to the day. an employee fired back and the bad guys, nobody was injured. well a woman was knocked unconscious during a fight between as fans and giants fans outside at&t park this afternoon. the fight started with trash talking on king street right after the giants lost to the as . one man punched another guy in the face. the woman tried to break it up, but she was punched in the face as well. police at the scene told us the woman was wearing an as cap and hit her head on the sidewalk. she was unresponsive and taken to hospital.
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tonight, she has serious injuries. they think their city is rushing to allow dangerous crude by rail shipment. volero wants to bring in 70,000- barrels a day. this was the community's last chance to chime in. many people in the crowd tonight said they have many unanswered questions about this propro sal. >> we still have not had many of our questions answered and we still have nearly the same concerns and even more as we learn more about the project. we strongly urge the city of benecia to allow extra time for us to look at the documentation around this process. >> reporter: now volero has down played the risk. they say the bay area is as prepared as anywhere for a disaster. meanwhile, chevron got through another hurdle in their
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refinery project. chevron says they are going to modernize the facility. this includes building a hydrogen plant. tonight, pg&e says hundreds of employees who weld and fix pipes have not finished their training. they need to take a test and then go through a second round a year later. pg&e says 1400 workers pass the first test. however, they didn't take the second one. but pg&e says you should not be worried about the pipes in your neighborhood failing. utility says they pressure test all of them before putting them into service. a deadly big rig accident created a nine hour traffic nightmare on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. mark sayre reports. >> reporter: the wide area of destruction is clear from chopper 5. a big rig hauling a double trailer fully loaded with dirt lost control coming down from the summit. the chain reaction crash involved ten cars in addition
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to the big rig. >> his brakes began to smoke coming down the hill. they became not working properly based on the fact they heathed up. he experienced brake fade. >> reporter: the driver of the truck reached an area of traffic that was slowing because of the morning community northbound into silicon valley. >> he was unable to control his speed and started hitting vehicles in the guardrail. >> reporter: the crews started towing the vehicles in the crash, but it was long day for commuter who's spent long hours sitting in traffic as the chp divided the remaining lanes so one lane of traffic could go on either side. some people started walking. >> you can walk around and get a car pool or a lift. >> reporter: at this point, they don't know if the fault lies with the driver or if the
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vehicle had a mechanical problem as well. the fatality is a 26-year-old man from santa cruz. reporting from highway 17, i'm mark sayre, kpix5. >> follow cbssf on twitter to get realtime traffic updates. a prayer vigil tonight for an oakland toddler who disappeared exactly one year ago. daphne webb's family still hopes she will be found. she was two years old when she vanished. her father said he last saw daphne in his car. he later became a suspect, but that lead ended when he committed suicide in may. a strange twist in the case of a prostitute and a google executive. we learned her boyfriend in georgia also died of a heroin overdose. police say in that case, alix catherine tichelman did call 911. >> okay, and why do you think
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it is an overdose? >> um, because, there is nothing else it could be. >> okay. is it accidental or intentional? >> i think accidental. hello? >> i'm here. >> well the death was ruled an accident, but after tichelman was arrested here, georgia police have reopened that case. tonight, linda yee with how a web search could provide a big clue in the santa cruz death. >> reporter: police say alix catherine tichelman searched online on how to defend herself after giving a lethal dose of heroin. she is accused of doing that to google executive forrest hayes. his body found on his yacht in santa cruz last year. dead of a heroin overdose. a murder mystery unfolding into a classic case of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. this youtube video shows
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tichelman's late boyfriend dean riopelle performing with his band. he also overdosed on heroin. tichelman was with him that night in his home in milton, georgia. she called 911 after finding him unconscious. >> okay, and is he awake? >> his eyes are open, but he is not awake. >> his death was ruled an accidental overdose. now investigators are taking another look. >> just looking at the similarities of the situations. we are going to go back and look at it and make sure everything that we determine to be correct almost a year ago is still factual and accurate. >> reporter: tichelman once danced at the hustler club and the condor on broadway in san francisco. >> i have seen her a few years ago. >> reporter: this dancer saw tichelman at the condor. she doesn't know her personally, but she says there is a lot of pressure to land rich customers. so many will do anything to
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keep them. >> customers try to say, oh, well, this girl can pay me this much for this and they try to lure you to do that. >> so if you land a google executive that is pretty good? >> yes. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix5. >> tichelman is in santa cruz county jail tonight and will be arraigned at the end of the month. an emotional day for theparents of a uc santa barbara student killed in may. george chen's family held an ash ceremony for their son. he was one of six people who died in the killing spree. >> we hope we are the last parents to stand here. and we hope no children will be like george. >> george's parents set up a facebook page in his name and invite the public to leave comments on how to end gun violence. u.s. lawmakers are working on a possible compromise in the immigration debate on capitol
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hill. republicans want speedier deportations but some key democrats are opposed. meanwhile, more undocumented immigrants arrived in southern california today. the border patrol transferred the group of 32 children and 14 adults from texas to this church in fontana. they crossed the border into texas hoping for a refugee status. thousands of eagles are killed by wind turbines every year and it is punishable by federal law. still ahead, why one northern california company is getting a break. >> we have the fog, the financial district, and we have a nearly full moon. a tremendous trifecta in san francisco. we will talk about it coming up. >> and a lot of ladies wouldn't mind be caught by this san francisco police officer. we talked to the hot cop of
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castro about what started his online fame. ,,,,,,,,
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big incentive - to do busins in california. the bill creates a 420-million dollax credit for aerospace contra lockheed marti >> governor brown is giving people big incentive to do business in san francisco. a $20 million tax credit for lockheed martin and tax incentives for tesla motors. california is one of five states competing for tesla's $5 billion battery manufacturing plant. killing a bird that is protected and essentially getting away with it that is what the government is going to start permitting in one northern california spot. sharon chin with why a wind farm in the delta gets to play by a different set of rules. >> reporter: 50 giant wind turbines power tens of
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thousands of homes through the shiloh4 project. but if it slices a golden eagle, they won't be penalized thanks to a first ever permit waiving the punishment for up to five golden eagles accidentally killed in five years. in exchange, they will retro pit 150 poles down in monterrey county to reduce the chance of eagles electrocutes themselves there. though bald an golden eagles are protected. no bald eagles are expected to be hurt. still, some people object to the golden eagle kill permit. >> we fought so hard and paid so much money to bring this bird back, and they should be fined. >> reporter: others say an accidental eagle killing should snot be punished.
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>> when they talk about the birds going in the airplane, what will stop them going into the airplane? >> reporter: the fish and wildlife service concludes that this will not significantly reduce 30,000 golden eagles nationwide. director dan ash says we can't not solve the problem of eagle mortality problems overnight, but this merritts the support for the long term conservation of eagles. they plan to issue the wind farm permit in two weeks. in solano county, sharon chin, kpix5. >> the fish and wildlife service says it is considering a five year eagle kill permits for two southern california wind company as well and a third for pg&e as they retro pit their poles. flight car is parking for good. the company got the approval it needs. flight car gets drivers park for free and then get a free ride to sfo. they will also get a free car
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wash. the trade off? they agree to let flight car rent out their car when they are away. but no more monkey business when it comes to parking under san francisco. under from from city hall, the app monkey parking is halting its service. it allows people to auction off public parking spots to other drivers. the city attorney says this violates san francisco law. two similar companies have also been warned to stop doing business in the city. tonight, a certain police officer is getting attention. a lot of tension. he even has a face book fan page. our cate caugurian was more than happy to go track him down. >> reporter: look. san francisco's hunky hometown hero. >> sweet and sexy. >> hot cop. >> he is gorgeous. >> meet officer chris kohrs, san francisco's finest.
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no pun intended. we sat down to get to know the man behind the uniform. >> it makes me happy that i'm approachable. that is kind of what a police officer's job is. >> chris was on the motorcycle and i took a few shots of him and he caught me and he waved. >> reporter: and this snapshot was shared over and over inspiring a fan to create a facebook page, and hot castro cop was born. fans posting photos of this favorite. chuck malone writes just ripped everything off my wall. help officer kohrs. turns out this crime fighter started out as a bio technician. when he decided it wasn't his thing, he joined the force and never looked back and fans say never looked better. as for his thoughts on the hot guy on the other side of the law? jeremy meeks? >> i think he is a great looking guy, but he would look
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a lot better outside of the color orange. >> reporter: and is he single? >> i'm single >> reporter: and straight? >> i'll go with it for now. >> reporter: so thank you chris for reminding us no one can resist a good man in uniform. in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> did you see that guy taking a picture of him? [ laughter ] >> i did. yeah. >> so popular. well chris is a ucla grad. when he posted something about his interview with her today, as you saw, a huge crowd was waiting for him and there was actually a line of pictures of people to take pictures with him. you know? [ laughter ] >> sfpd should be proud. the guys meeting the neighbors. saying hello. and snapping pictures and doing all the right things. >> it is all in the name of community service. >> absolutely. >> though he went to ucla, you won't hold it against him.
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>> nobody is perfect. >> wow. says the usc grad. you must think he is good looking. okay, here is a good looking shot. look at this. what a beautiful picture. that is a nearly full moon. that is the fog rolling in. that is the financial district. we have it in one photo. this is kind of the after. let me show you the before. this is a time lapse. that cloud cover builds over the ocean. rolls in hits half-moon bay, pacifica, hops over the hills. it is thick and it will invade los altos. saratoga. saratoga, you had a high of 88 degrees. at moss beach, it was 64 degrees colder. a 24-degree spread. look at the future cast fog factor. tomorrow morning, 4. very cloudy. even inland.
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by the afternoon, the fog will burn back, but stay quite foggy and cloudy along the coastline. there is a reason it was foggy this morning. that same reason will be with us tomorrow. the big ridge of high pressure far away from us. wrapping around that is a southwest flow of air. it is humid. saturday, no. high pressure gets closer, same ridge, now it is right over the top of us or closer to us. gives us less of the on shore flow. warmer temperatures, more sunshine. some of you away from the water have a 20-degree temperature swing between tomorrow and sunday. much warmer sunday. fog is back. clouds pushing inland. it will stay mild, not hot. it will be warmer for the weekend. 70s not 80s inland. concord, 79. sunnyvail, 80. it is rare for july. pittsburgh, 81. 66 with a foggy start in san francisco.
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mill valley, 72. clover dale tomorrow, 84 degrees. weekend time, sunday, warmer, mid 90s inland. we will stay hot away from the water. a beautiful weekend near the bay with highs in the 70s . >> well done. >> thank you. >> still thinking about him. >> you are going to go double park in the castro. >> i'm not. >> please, can i get a ticket? [ laughter ] >> still ahead, fans behaving badly. the gianting talking about a new dress code. we will talk about that next. for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce
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he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. when sales rep steve hatfield books at, so he knows exactly when he can prep for his presentation.
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basis. >> trust me, there is nothing offensive about the giants right now ken. >> oh really? yeah. yeah. you are absolutely right. that's the problem. >> that is the problem. one team's bats got loud and the others completely quiet in the bay bridge finale. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pitching for the sugar land skeeters..nobody wanted >> two years ago after lose his fast ball and his big league job, scott kazmir was pitching for the sugar land skeeters. nobody wanted him. now he is back. kazmir picked up his 11th win of the season. he struck out nine. he is 11-3. he could start the all-star game. it is possible. not the case with that bat. tim hudson. two-out base hit gave the as a 2-0 lead. the as send hudson to the showers. josh donaldson was named to the american home run league beer
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derby. he is 20th of the year. lopez, two run double. 6-0as . oakland wins 6-1. and the as who lost in the bid are very happy. even in the second choice. the way the crowds have been, it has been a playoff atmosphere. it gets you pumped for the series. the first time i experienced it. and you know, it is just everything i heard about. everything i expected. >> i cast my vote for steven. he has been called up from the manor leagues, he is hitting .367. he hit .455 this week against the giants. his success brought the i believe in stephen vogt. >> knowing i had some success, just being come rt bl up here, it just feels like i'm playing baseball again. it doesn't feel like oh man, i'm in the big leaguesful it
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feels like i'm playing baseball. i feel very comfortable. the whole thing is really cool. >> and i have the votes in for the thursday night top five. number 5, clayton kershaw's consecutive scoreless inning streak ended at 41. cavalier fans want lebron so bad, they are camped outside his house in ohio. he was flying home tonight. i hope he brought a six pack of bud. jeremy green was the second round pick. now you see why. in the summer league, couldment get it over the rim. save goes to a colorado man who saved a fawn from the window well. and at number one, roy mcaroy drops the green on the 406-yard yard par 4. mcaroy would birdie
11:31 pm
the hole. he leads by one shot. this is a warm up event for the british open, ian polter. mcaroy says i'm sorry, it was a three wood. 436 yards, hello. >> i like that accent, well done. irish. >> obviously. ,,,,,,,,,,
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